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About Us

  • About Dressprise - Mission & Values
  • We started with the mission to nurture relationships and bring little surprises in everyone’s life with minimal efforts through surprise boxes curated offline. Since last 8 months, we have nurtured many relationships and have received immense love regarding the concept and experiences, which we have delivered. We have seen that often people miss out on putting efforts to carry the spark in relationships and we believe that no one should take relationships for granted. 

    Going ahead with the same larger objective, we are bringing online curated shopping experience for you. We understand you have very limited time to gauge over hundreds of websites to look over thousands of products and often you find yourself with a plethora of choices. Now discover top 10 lifestyle products (updated frequently) for your relationships, occasions, and personas. 

  • Why one should opt for Dressprise?
    1. You should opt for Dressprise if you love surprises or you love gifting other people.
    2. You can save your time in online/ offline shopping, choosing products, compiling them together for a specific occasion.
    3. You can find boxes suited to different occasions and moods.
    4. In case if you have not been putting efforts to nurture your relationships with other and with yourself, you must give it a chance and let Dressprise delight you. 
  • How does Dressprise Surprise Box Model work?
    1. Choose the box which you like to order and add the shipping address.
    2. In case if you are gifting, you can add a customized note and we'll add that customized note and personalize the box accordingly.
    3. Make the online payment. The order money will remain with PayUMoney till you receive the product. Post you receive the product, you will receive an email to release the payment.
    4. At each step of your experience, we will keep you updated.
  • How shall I trust Dressprise? You’re not showcasing any real products on the boxes?
  • True that we are not showcasing any real photos of the products which we would be shipping but that is where our mission is! We wish to keep the entire box a surprise and therefore only the element icons are showcased to make a guess and make a decision. However, we know that we need to make efforts in order to gain your trust, therefore, we request you to have a look on testimonials to understand the real people experiences with the Dressprise boxes. We promise we won’t dissppoint you! We will stick to delight you :) 

  • There are different boxes with 3 main elements and then there is little more surprises. May I know what is that?
  • Each box is designed carefully according to occasions and according to relationships. We take care of the pricing as well and therefore, you will find either two garments + add ons for a higher priced box or one garment + add ons for lower priced box.

    The little surprises will be added from our end and these surprise don’t come under the box pricing. We carefully select and add from our side. So, you can expect 4-5 elements in each box to be delivered.

  • What if I or the other person whom I’m gifting don’t like the surprise?
  •  Dressprise is different from any other e-commerce clothing company on surprise element. If you gift anybody, they would be delighted to see the surprise and also to know that you’ve put efforts in bringing and adding surprise in their life. However, there may be instances that you din’t know proper size, in such a case, you can request for refund.