Why This Fashion Editor Wore The Same Thing For A Month

Posted by Kasturi Shrivastava on


Most of us love dressing up every single morning. We make sure we look the best in the outfit, which we choose for the day and that adds up to our confidence.

But there are few, who go through decision fatigue (exhaustion and reduced decision making skills caused by the process of making lots of choices) and they give up on their selection. They find the entire process to be time consuming and they loose interest in putting efforts on own outlook.

Here, the fashion editor wears the same thing for a month to experiment the pros and cons in order to understand if dressing up every single day makes her productive or unproductive. 


Do watch it and let us know your take. While we do have such people among our friends & family, who have given up on looking better...it's time to make them realize that they do deserve to feel awesome and confident and for that, surprise them with Dressprise. 

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