When was the last time you surprised someone?

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I have been asking this question to every new person I have met from last 4 months. But why am I asking?


The count has reached to 62 as of now. Yes, 62 people took a minute or a minute and a half to rethink on this. And 85% answers included they don’t recall if they did. I followed up with next question :

Why haven’t you surprised anyone?

And they responded in being less expressive (or) clueless on what to gift (or) being busy (or) simply never had thought before.

Shall I count you in the 63rd one to answer? Are you on the same page like them?

Let me tell you 3 remarkable short stories :

The long distance relationship

Distance should give you the reason to lover harder

It was one of my best friend’s birthday and her boyfriend was in another city. As the lucky day came closer, her boyfriend couldn’t get the time to shop for her, so he transferred the money in her account and asked her to buy gifts herself. And this din’t make her happy. Come on, every human being does have expectations from their closest ones.

He never had any girl-friend before

Never let inexperience come in the way of your ambition

Another incident involved a new married couple. It was a sweet arrange marriage. And they din’t have much time to date before to understand the likes and dislikes. Fortunately or unfortunately, the guy din’t have any girlfriend before, so he was inexperienced in gifting. He did want to surprise her and make her feel special but was not sure how exactly. He never wished to make a wrong choice, so being his good friend, he asked me to suggest and come along with him to select the girly cheesy stuffs for his wife.

She always thought her father had enough

Just because he has always been there for you doesn’t mean he doesn’t deserve a surprise.

This pampered girl is lovely, lively and charismatic by nature. She loves gifts, she loves attention and she loves shopping. But she always bought things for her only. One fine day, she was waiting for an auto and the street boy came to ask if she would buy rose from him. She was in hurry and she said she has to catch the auto. The very next moment, she received a call from her father asking her whereabouts. And she started blabbering what all she had bought. The little boy din’t move from there. When she was done with the call, he again asked her to buy to which she replied she has no one whom she would gift the rose.

The little boy said you have your father! When did you last gift him the rose or anything? And she remained there for a minute. Once she was back from her thoughts, she bought the entire roses and thanked him to make her realize that she always though her father had enough and she doesn’t need to gift him anything.

Well all these are not stories only..these are the connecting dots in their life, these were the few hints for them to put more efforts in their current relationships. All such events reflected the need of having a platform, which could make surprise gifting an easy and thoughtful way.

And this is why Dressprise was born.

Dressprise is not only an e-commerce surprise gifting platform giving you a seamless experience but it also has a much larger vision :

~ The vision to nurture relationships.

~ The vision to bring people more closer.

~ The vision to ask people no to take others for granted.

~ The vision to keep the spark alive with little surprises in one’s life.

In this busy world, when you don’t have enough time to go and buy grocery, you won’t be having much time to search online, go through the reviews to check the product quality, add the product in the cart and then leave it because it doesn’t match your budget.

But you do have money! Don’t you?

Although money can’t buy the love but it can definitely buy the ways to express your love.

Rethink : When was the last time you surprised someone?

Now don’t think much. Step ahead & surprise your dear ones :

May be your Mom? Your Dad? Your Gf/ Bf? Your siblings? Your colleague? Your boss? Your grand-parents?

Dressprise : Enabling people to add surprises in one’s life!

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  • Nice post !
    Last i surprised my uncle and aunt on their anniversary :)

    Pratik on

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