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Rang Dey - Dressprise

 Is it a co-incidence that you meet a person by hook or by crook and you choose to work on being with them? Why not any other person? Why him or her only? Have you ever pondered how have you come so far with them and you can't think of being without them?

At the beginning, all seem magical - the spark, the urge to have longer conversations, the desire to spend most of the time together, the fire to make each other happy; but as you start spending more time together, you start unrolling the other aspects of the person. Everyone brings flaws with him/ her and you start discovering the other side - their insecurities, their possessiveness, their personal wishes, their contradictions and so on. 

What matters is will you still accept the person with their flaws and with the same desire? Watch how Divyanka & Vivek fell for each other irrespective of their flaws and weaknesses and how they combined the persona and weaved into marriage.

Don't take relationships for granted, no matter if they are made in heaven, by con-incidence or blood-gifted. Work, work and work on it.

And, one of the magical ways to work is to add surprises in their life through Dressprise.

See how these lovely people felt special when they were surprised by their dear ones :



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