Please speak your heart out. I'm all ears!

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Please talk
The greatest gift you can gift to anybody is your words and your time. Not all people are always on the same page, we don't know why a particular person is not behaving the way that he or she is expected to.
We all go through low phases where we don't know where we are heading to. Insecurities start cropping up and confidence starts losing down. And, most of the times, we don't find people with whom we can share - either we are not comfortable with the people around us, or the problems which bother us are related to them.
But in any case, please find someone with whom you can speak to. Long distance, short distance doesn't matter. Anyone is just a whatsapp msg or a phone call away.
#LetsTalk Please speak your heart out.
And, on the other side of the table, if someone reaches out to you, please make sure to be available. You may not be the best person to solve the problem but just lending your ear may help the other person.
Next time please look into the eyes, and ask Are you Ok?

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