Little things matter

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Little Things Matter -

Little things make a huge difference. Little things matter.

Little things such as brushing your teeth every morning and looking into the mirror ask you never to belittle yourself.

Little things such as calling your mother in the evening and asking if she had her evening tea makes her feel special.

Little things such as seeing your friend silent and asking her if she is alright makes you know her story.

Little things such as learning a new recipe and calling your friends over dinner make you feel accomplished a little.

Little things such as thanking your Ola or the auto driver makes him feel he is making a difference and doing a meaningful job.

Little things such as surprising someone out of the blue makes him/her feel out of the world.

Little things such as tracking your fitness activity daily build up your habit to care for your fitness.

How many such little things can you count? How many little moments make you feel happy of your life? Count on and see how beautiful life becomes when you start acknowledging the little things around you.


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