Let's not promote the PINK generation

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Image source : Indian Express

Social media, news channels, movie reviews, youth conclaves, everywhere around the movie PINK is bringing diverse conversations. While few are clapping for the movie, others are wondering how long the message will remain in society? Will the message be imbibed in the actions and if so, then how will it change the thought process?

With the trailer of the movie, people were speculating PINK had to do things with the color, which women adore, but the PINK had a different context here altogether.

Here, the PINK meant vagina of the sort that is bought, with violence.

And, by the same context it was shown that we’re thriving in a PINKFUL generation where a woman can’t have freedom for her own sexuality. Because her sexuality has to justify the societial norms, it has to serve a man’s expectations, it can be experimented, forced, played and manipulated only by the men in our society or by the neighbours’ eyes or even by the strangers on the road and by the disciplines set up by the family.

Although the message is very clear and ultra powerful that a No means No. And, one should always have her consent before any action, but how should we make sure that we bring this thoughts into men’s mind? Who can change their mind? Can we change now, these days or in this generation? It can’t be forceful therefore we credit it to such movies (even when we are very much aware about the facts).

So, who is responsible to change the men’s attitude? Answer is “We the women”.

Yes, we only can change their attitude. For the next generation, we only would have the power to educate, to shape, to inspire our children or other’s children, specially the boys. Can take this oath for the next generation that we would :

  • Make them gentlemen.
  • Educate them about girl’s safety and how they should protect not only their sisters and mothers but any girl on the road
  • Imbibe the guts in them not to support any derogatory remarks or comments for girls.
  • Maintain equality between the son and the daughter
  • Ask them to do household chores, make them learn how to cook and how to support the women at home
  • Discuss with them the importance of commitment, the magic of love over lust.
  • Inspire them to earn respect over money.
  • Share with them the stories of loyalty.
  • Shape their vision where they would see a woman as equal.
  • Expect same things from both genders. Don’t label expectations just because he is a son or she is a daughter.
  • Motivate them they have certain limits which they can’t cross.
  • Advise them that only a gentleman can be called as a King or a Prince
  • Last but not the least, ask them to follow humanity.
Let’s not depend on the society.
Let’s not ask for any law change..
Let’s bring the change ourselves...
Let’s be human?

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