Here is why you shouldn't think twice while choosing your passion

Posted by Kasturi Shrivastava on

How many of you wanted to pursue your hobby but then opted for the security and stability? Often we are advised to study hard, secure good marks and then become something. What is this something about? Is this what others do, so we shall too? Is this something, which could bring money on the table and if not then you're not that something?

Well parents' concern are at their place and they always think of the safe options. But the vision lies in having the clarity at a very young age, having the guts to convince your dear ones about your vision. It's toughest to fight with your dear ones, but once you showcase the potential, the destination won't be that far. 

The ones who're reading, if you haven't pursued what you wanted to, still the time is there. Opt for 20% rule and create your hobby into revenue generating stream. And, if you can't for some reasons, take an oath today that you'll be so capable to let your next generation pursue their dreams.  


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