6 thoughtful gifts for your sister on this Rakhi..Surprise her!

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Somebody has said it right " A Sister is a little bit of childhood that can never be lost". You too would have felt have the same if you have little cute sisters or the elder loving ones. On this Rakhi, be more thoughtful and gift her something meaningful. She has been the partner in crime, she has been the reason of your laughter, she has taught you to be responsible, she has made you feel caring and she has wiped your tears.
Now it's your turn to SURPRISE HER and make her feel special. Here are 6 category gifts which you can send to her. She might be near to you or far away, let her feel pampered on this Rakhi.

1. An Elegant Watch : Time has a wonderful of showing what really matters. 


2. Kindle : This would be a gift which she can open again & again.


3. Sling Bag : It's not the load that breaks her down, it's the way she carries it. Let her carry with dignity.


4. Dressprise Gift Box : When you're not sure about her choice, gift her a combo collection. Let Dressprise surprise her because surprises are good as they come without waiting. 

Dressprise GIft

5. Camera : Let her capture memories wherever she goes. 


6. Shoes : Give her the right shoes, and she can conquer the world. 


Each gift from you would be a wish for her happiness.  May your sisters stay blessed and smile forever and may you take care for her through all the hurdles of life.



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