3 reasons why you need to be secret Santa this December

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You have come all through 2016 and gearing up for 2017. For the last 11 months, the year must have brought new elements in your life such as new connections, new relatives, new memories, new colleagues, new friends, and so many other new things. If you sit and rethink how many new things happened this year, you would be filled with gratitude.

While the new is always good because it brings change, the old shouldn’t be a constant and that means there are ways, which could make you spice up your old connections. 

Wikipedia says that Santa is said to bring gifts to the homes of well-beloved (“good” or “nice”) children on Christmas eve (24th Dec). While you cherish and wait for the real Santa, you can prep up yourself to be the Santa for your beloved ones. 

Do you celebrate Christmas? Yes? No? But you do like the celebrations, you do like the Christmas tree, you do like the jingle bell song, you do appreciate all the positive vibes, which are brought. 

No matter if you believe in it’s celebrations or not, you must believe in the goodness all around. So let you be the Secret Santa this December for your dear ones because : 

1. They have been good enough for you this year

“Goodness is the only investment that never fails” — Henry David

Think of the times when you were lonely and your dear one lifted you up, think of the times when you needed some help and that person was right there for you, think of the times when you were little low and that person cheered you up.

Think of the time when that dear one saved you from landing you up in a mess, think of the time when that person inspired you and pushed you to be the better version of yourself, think of the times when that person brought positivity in your life.

Come on, so many good things must have happened. This December, let’s acknowledge their goodness, let’s pay gratitude. Make them feel little special and show their special spot in your life. Let’s be thankful for their goodness and be the secret Santa for them this year. Add a little surprise and some happiness in your dear one's life.

2. You’re less expressive and couldn’t be thankful at the moment

“Feeling gratitude and not expressing is like wrapping a gift but not giving it”

You might be an extrovert or introvert or intro-extrovert like me. Irrespective of whether you’re expressive enough or not, most of the times people skip on appreciating at the moment because they might not wish to appear cheesy or might take that for granted.

OK! So that’s all happened before. Now is the time for you to sweeten a little bit because you have got the right occasion to show your love for them. Don’t express in words if you can’t, just be their secret Santa and send them a surprise. Don’t pile up your thank you for next year :)

3. They deserve a surprise from you


Take a second to think about how blessed you are

All your dear ones in life might be having their other dear ones. But there must be something that makes the bond between you two a special one. And since the bond is special, you need to take accountability to maintain and enrich this bond. 

Since they have been so good to you this year, don’t you think they deserve a surprise from you? They do! And you do deserve to add happiness in someone’s life.

Think & act!

For whom would you be the secret Santa this year? 
Who deserves that special surprise from you?

To make things easy and to save your time, Dressprise has launched Secret Santa Surprise box. 

What’re you waiting for? You have the platform to surprise and you have made up your mind whom to surprise. 

Be the Secret Santa this year for your dear ones

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