3 easy measurable relationship goals for 2017

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“Relationships don’t last because of the good times; they last because the hard times were handled with love and care”


Can you count how many relationships you have including your family, love, friends, and work life? Among those relationships which are the dearest to you?

Let’s say you count 5 (not many) most important relationships in your life.

Next, ponder over, how much necessary attention you give to these relationships? Enough? Not that enough? Well if you somehow fail to manage your time and commitment towards them, and feel sorry most of the times, you can focus on achieving these 3 easiest relationship goals:

1) One mistake = 1 balloon or 1 surprise


How many times do you knowingly or unknowingly hurt your dear ones? And what do you do for self-realization? Naturally, we put most of our efforts for new relationships, but as the time evolves, we start taking granted the older ones.

In order to make sure that you don’t commit many mistakes in your relationship, try measuring your mistakes. Once it reaches to your threshold, check on yourself. But how exactly should you measure?

Convey your each sorry with a balloon or a surprise or anything which he/she likes to have. Make sure that the things, which you give in order to express, can be kept for the longer run to remind you constantly. This sweet apology would make their heart melt faster than anything else and will also create a cherishable memory for you to recall.

Examples :

Didn't talk to mom over call because you were busy? Send her a surprise box.

Scolded your girlfriend in front of others? Gift her a balloon or may be a cute handbag.

2) Four weekends in a month= 4 new places to make them visit


Change is a necessary element. It makes you feel growing, makes you feel alive. And since life is a journey to explore with your dear ones, if you could be the reason to add a change in their day to day life, they would feel luckiest.

The easiest way could be to visit new places, new restaurants every weekend. Depends on your budget, but that can be customized. Take them to a never visited place. The best consequence would be they would have good memories to look back and the worst could be bad food. But in any case, any experience is always better than no experience.

Example :

Take her out to this Once upon a rooftop for a dinner date

3) 31 days in a month, 31 songs for them

Dedicate 30 songs

Good morning! Tomorrow gonna be your today and today gonna be your yesterday. What are you waiting for?

Do you love music? Your dear ones love music?

How about texting them (even if you happen to be in the next bed in the morning):

“Good morning, listen to this song by Ali Zafar — “Wo dekhnay me sidhi sadhi lagti” | Dedicated to you”

“Good morning Mumma, Love this song Ae Zindagi Gala le…reminds me of your advises during my low times”


So easy no? Only a few doable things to remind you to pay attention to your granted relationships. Start measuring your efforts because unless and until you measure, you won’t grow.

Surprise your dear ones and add a little magic in their life.

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