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What do you prefer the most: "A candid house party with close friends" or "A bolly-holly club hopping"? 

If you love the former one, do you think you have all the essentials for the house party? You never know when you are going to invite next, so this checklist is for you to prep yourself in advance. Also, if you happen to go to a friend's place, you might opt to gift one of these 25 amazing little things for the party :

1. Home Theater

"Your music will tell you more about you than you ever will" - Buy here

Having a kickass music system at your home will create the chilling vibe. Be it soothing romantic, or a hip-hop party, or some oldies on the way?

Music System for Houseparty

2. Perfect Music Playlist

Don't you think few of your best friends are your playlists?  The Chainsmoker remix

Happiness is listening to perfect music for the perfect mood. Choose the best one or create collections for your mood on 8tracks, SoundCloud. Even if you're having mood swings or you wish to console your friend, music will add the peace.

Music Playlist for HouseParty | Dressprise

3. Bluetooth Speaker

"Distance means so little when someone means so much, go Bluetooth" - Buy here

Bluetooth Speaker for House Party | Dressprise

4. Board/ Card Games

"The right game with the right people at the right place" - Buy here

Prepare tea or have wine with your friends over a round of board/ card game. What makes this more interesting is you will never know when the time would fly. There is a big list for party games but few of the most popular include Monopoly, Taboo, Scrabble, Chess, UNO.

Board Games for HouseParty | Dressprise

5. Lighting

"Let the little light shine bright" - Buy here

If you love decorating home, you can't miss out on this. Not necessarily for the house party, but organizing your home with lights will always make you feel light.

Lighting for HouseParty | Dressprise

6. Bean Bag

"Don't let your friends pull you in their gossip, put them in your bean bag" - Buy here

Nothing is comfier than a bean bag. Once you crash, you stay there. While you prepare for the party, make sure your friends feel stay a little longer doing candid conversations.

Bean Bag for HouseParty | Dressprise

7. Chai Glass

"Where there is tea, there is hope" - Buy here

Meeting friends for a long time or on Monday blues - What else can be better than "Chai par Charcha?"

Chai Glass for HouseParty | Dressprise

8. Camera

"Pictures are the stories you fail to put into words" - Buy here

Keep a sleek and light camera handy for the party to capture all the candid moments.

Camera for HouseParty | Dressprise

9. Bottle opener

"Friends bring happiness in life, best friends bring beer and you bring the opener"  - Buy here

Opener for HouseParty | Dressprise

10. Shot glass

"If life gives you lemons, add shots glasses to them"- Buy here

Shot Glass for HouseParty | Dressprise

11. Coasters

 "The cute little things make huge difference" - Buy here

Coasters for HouseParty | Dressprise

12. Ashtray

"Where there is love, there is also ashes" - Buy here

Ashtray for HouseParty | Dressprise

13. Cute Cushions

"May your cushions be comfy, your coffee be strong and your Monday be short" - Buy here

Cushions for HouseParty | Dressprise

14. Funky Doormat

"Don't forget to be awesome while treating your friends" - Buy here

Doormat for HouseParty | Dressprise

15. Lamp

"Let your lamp dispels the deepest darkness" - Buy here

Lamp for HouseParty | Dressprise

16. Toothpick Holder

"Let the chit chats be on point like a toothpick" - Buy here

Toothpick for HouseParty | Dressprise

17. Paper Plates

Don't you worry child, if your maid is not coming tomorrow - Buy here

Paper Plate for HouseParty | Dressprise

18. Coffee Mug

"Anything can happen over a coffee" - Buy here

Coffee mug for HouseParty | Dressprise

19. Selfie Phone

Who are the selfie queen and the selfie king among your group? - Buy here

Selfie Phone for House Party | Dressprise

20. Selfie Stick

"Call your friends only if they take more selfies than you do" - Buy here

Selfie Stick for HouseParty | Dressprise

21. Power Bank

"The friend in need is a friend indeed" - Buy here

Power Bank for HouseParty | Dressprise

22. Tissue

"Got an issue, keep the tissue" - Buy here

Tissue for HouseParty | Dressprise

23.Service/ Bar Trolly

"Happiness is being in the service of others" - Buy here

Trolly for HouseParty | Dressprise

24. Outdoor Seater

"As you evolve with your friends, your home should too" - Buy here

Seater for House Party | Dressprise

25. Large Waste Bin Bag

"Garbage - Love me or hate me, you can't ignore me" - Buy here

Waste Bin Bag for House Party | Dressprise

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